Eddy zoey

Eddy Zoëy, pseudonym of Frederik Morsink, is a Dutch musician, painter, TV presenter, voice-over actor, and radio producer. 

In 1996, Eddy became a recording artist (besides being a writer and producer for others) and now has various albums of his own to his name all consisting of self-written tracks. Eddy is currently a presenter of RTL-Boulevard, a regular voice of National Geographic, doing a theater tour with the Eddy Zoëy Band; at night in the theaters all over the country, and during the day at schools with a special educational program. In addition, he's involved as an artist/writer/performer/producer in several music initiatives.


Besides, he's a practiced voice-over actor. After several animation roles, he has been asked to provide full voice direction for the animated film 'The Simpsons Movie'. Also, his early art school years have never left him; Eddy paints and exhibits. His pop-art-like canvases have been shown in various exhibitions across borders (Vienna, Hong Kong, Beijing).


Charlotte and Eddy Zoëy collaborated on a music video for "Keep Exploring".

Charlotte took on the roles of concept creator and video editor.

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