Charlotte Verminck is making her filmmaker's debut with her award-winning short film "Pathless", starring Bénie Boda and an original soundtrack by Adele Etheridge Woodson.


The film is a poetic translation of the universal feeling at one’s unknown next step in life. It connects to the overwhelming periods of doubtful thoughts yet resilient ambition one may encounter. A visual and aural combination of fear yet fearlessness. Though the soliloquy echoes one’s inner difficulty, the road of life gives aspiration for more, and that road is pathless.

Pathless won the Best Experimental Award at The Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival and The New York Tri-State International Film Festival, and won the Best Poetry Short Film Award at The New Arts International Film Festival. The film is also nominated for Best First Time Filmmaker at Cannes Shorts Film Festival and selected at The Poetry Film Festival in Hollywood, The First-Time Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios, The International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, The Agrinio International Film Festival, and The Chicago Feedback Film Festival.


The seed of the film was planted right after Charlotte Verminck graduated college. She used the “desert” metaphor in a poem to express her present feelings. Soon she found out how the message of the literary piece could touch and reach people of any age experiencing an equal state of mind. 


Having just graduated, the amount of money in Charlotte’s pockets wasn’t huge. So, she contacted a friend from college, to star in the film, who was immediately down to help on the project and who added her sisters to the team. The film production quickly became a family endeavor; Charlotte’s mom helped her precise the clothing, her grandmother became the script supervisor, and her dad grew into the crew and props driver. In addition, Charlotte got in touch with American composer, Adele Etheridge Woodson, at Film Festival Ghent who also developed a great interest when Charlotte pitched her the film’s idea. 


Due to the script being so experimental, Charlotte in all respects wanted the film to have the same unique DNA applying unexpected transitions; using various camera gear; adding an original versatile score; and letting the same person play both the protagonist and antagonist. This experimental way of storytelling linked her passion for poetry and film. The seed sprouted into a flower.


The message in the protagonist’s soliloquy wants to make the viewer aware that the breaks in life aren’t bad things. These moments enter your existence to teach you something. It makes time to analyze where you wish to head next in this world. It’s a blessing to be “pathless” because it indicates you can go wherever you want to move planting seeds where YOU genuinely desire. In short, this is a love letter to life.

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