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Watch what the masses are doing and then do the exact opposite.’ 

A principle you’ll see appear many times when getting to know CHAR. 

Charlotte Verminck is a filmmaker and founder of CHAR'Z Productions, born and raised in Belgium. Ever since she was a little girl, she holds a camera in her hand and carries an intense excitement for visual and written storytelling. Her Shih Tzu dog, whom she considers her muse, got the starring role in the first few videos she has ever shot and edited.


Charlotte owns a Bachelor's Degree in International Communication and Media. While she completed these studies, Charlotte worked as a video artist for renowned Belgian musician and artist Ozark Henry with whom she had created an creative arthouse SOH. 


CHAR discovered her deep passion for film during her stay in Los Angeles interning at Little Minx, a high-end production company located in Hollywood. After she graduated, CHAR immediately started to deepen herself in the world of cinema making her debut with “Pathless” taking on the role of writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. She completed the short film without studying at a film school but learned from a cinematography course, online masterclasses, and studying her heroes. The film merges her passions for poetry, dramaturgy, and the medium ‘film’. She believes that anyone can do anything if one just follows their curiosity while continuing the act of never giving up. 


Additionally, Charlotte is a big supporter of the act of acceptance, uniqueness, equality, and persistence. In her eyes being yourself is the prettiest thing a human being can be and can lead to boundary-breaking results. With her work, she wants to inspire every person to follow this way of thinking. Life has a lot of bumps in the road but also a lot of high mountains. CHAR believes that together we are able to focus on these last.


Who is Charlotte Verminck?

In a nutshell: Creative ass. Poetry admirer. Cinematography intrigued. Has an old American soul. Obsessed with high-fashion. Spiritual devotee. Occasional photographer. Female drummer. Mostly found in the garden. Animal cherisher. Someone that stops & smells the roses. 

Born in 1999. Lives in Belgium.

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