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schone schijn
-eddy zoey

Writer, Producer, Editor

Since the 90’s, Eddy Zoey has been passionately making his own music. He’s an artist who operates his studio with his own two hands; he writes, composes, sings, and records himself. 

Schone Schijn is an impactful cry-out of feeling alone in a world where you are not understood, and of not feeling a connection to a larger group. A track where Eddy Zoey makes himself vulnerable lyrically, and dares to shout out his experiences. An honest collab between him and producer James Ericsson yields this intense song.

Everything with strings is played by Eddy. Everything with keys is played by James. But, if you listen closely, in many places there is actually extremely little playing, and Eddy's lead vocal gets to do most of the work. That way, this song comes in loudest and clearest, Eddy & James decide, and so several "mute" buttons are pressed during the mix. The result is a mix between pop, dance, alternative & fado, wrapped in an extremely tightly balanced track.


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