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Writer, Producer, Editor

As a thank you to his fans, Ozark Henry had a visual compilation in mind that included footage of his musical adventures over his last 22 wonderful years as this alter ego, releasing the video on the track Superstar. 23 is his favorite number and promises a time of transition.

Ozark Henry is one of many alter egos of Belgian artist / producer / composer / pioneer in immersive sound Piet Goddaer. Over the years Ozark Henry has produced music ranging from avant-garde electronica, to pop, to a symphonic album with the National Orchestra of Belgium. His first record, titled I'm Seeking Something That Has Already Found me, was praised by David Bowie as "debut of the year" in 1996.

Considered one of the most influential "voices" in immersive sound, Henry's universe is defined by a blending of craft with experiment, audio with visual, and heritage with technology. His ground-breaking work in 3D immersive sound has been featured in TEDx and Google NY talks. Ozark Henry is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador against human trafficking for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Ozark Henry and Charlotte have creatively worked together from 2017 until 2020. They also had a creative arthouse together called SOH.


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