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Keep exploring
-eddy zoey

Writer, Producer, Editor

Since the 90’s, Eddy Zoey has been passionately making his own music. He’s an artist who operates his studio with his own two hands; he writes, composes, sings, and records himself. Over the years, he learned that the key to master a craft is to Keep Exploring.


Exploring is something he has managed to emphasize even more. The real production work, as in making sounds, placing guitars, recording choirs in layers, are disciplines that he has concentrated on even more. This way, an organic pop song came into being with old school guitar & bass playing, combined with tight programming of beats & keys. It delivers a song that combine clear 80's & 90's influences with elements of contemporary dance & radio-pop.

Eddy Zoey, pseudonym of Frederik Morsink, is a Dutch musician, painter, TV presenter, voice-over actor, and radio producer.  ​Eddy is a presenter of RTL-Boulevard, a regular voice of National Geographic, doing a theater tour with the Eddy Zoey Band; at night in the theaters all over the country, and during the day at schools with a special educational program. In addition, he's involved as an artist/writer/performer/producer in several music initiatives.


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