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Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor

"Sleeping" or “Slapen” is one of the songs included on Eddy Zoëy's 7th studio album. This album includes a number of intimate songs which Eddy wrote, produced, and performed entirely by himself.


The song “Sleeping” is indeed a lullaby, played on acoustic guitar. Furthermore, in the subtle construction of the song, a bass guitar handled by Eddy, shaker, and cajon. All quietly cumulating to a small form of crescendo. And that's it. It doesn't take much to put something beautiful and honest down.


Lyrically, the content is meant to be soothing and "soother" for anyone who has the feeling that they have a lot to give, a lot work, with little feeling of progress in return. The message is; come to rest, look at something a different way, preferably from a different angle, and perhaps start again.


Eddy Zoey, pseudonym of Frederik Morsink, is a Dutch musician, painter, TV presenter, voice-over actor, and radio producer.  ​Eddy is a presenter of RTL-Boulevard, a regular voice of National Geographic, doing a theater tour with the Eddy Zoey Band; at night in the theaters all over the country, and during the day at schools with a special educational program. In addition, he's involved as an artist/writer/performer/producer in several music initiatives.




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